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Why Empower Pakistan

Empower Pakistan is a network of thinkers, mentors and investors to support young entrepreneurs from Pakistan.  

Supporting Prime Minister's Startup Pakistan Movement, our goal is to develop a national innovation ecosystem, training and mentoring one million young entrepreneurs in developing innovative technology startups, launching 10,000 startups, creating jobs and economic activity in an inclusive, scalable, and sustainable way.  

More than 60 universities have already joined this program, giving access to one million students on entrepreneurship training and incubation. Classes starts from October this year and we need a large number of mentors ready to help them. More projects to engage thinker, innovators, and entrepreneurs are being developed and will be launched through this platform.


How it works


  • People joining this community as mentors and innovators will be requested to complete their profiles
  • Mentors will have the option of selecting how much time would they able to contribute or when they are available
  • Based on student needs, computer will match mentors with the students and send a request to the mentor
  • Mentor will have the option of accepting or rejecting the assignment
  • Assignments will made for one hour at a time
  • Mentors training will be offered through different channels
  • Mentors will be recognized for their contributions annually with a good rewards program
  • Innovators will be asked to submit their ideas for different challenges. Winning ideas will get financial, social, and intellectual support.
  • In cases where expertise will be needed for different projects, innovators and experts will be searched first on this portal.
  • Local chapters are being formed in different cities worldwide. A full list of chapters will be available from 1st week of October 2019


What we do

IdeaGist has started an ambitious project called “Empower Pakistan”, providing mentoring to one million university and college students, helping them in building a career in entrepreneurship. Empower Pakistan is a movement to connect overseas Pakistanis with young entrepreneurs. It is a critical part of the overall vision of Prime Minister's Startup Pakistan.


There is no upfront time commitment but once you have accepted a mentor assignment, you will commit a few hours of your time to mentor your assigned student. There are many rewards for mentors including but not limited to investing in promising startups, bring their own startup ideas to life, learn more about emerging technologies through the IdeaGist Emerging Technology Accelerator program, and much more. We will announce our rewards and recognition program in September. Our goal is to get 10,000 mentors to join Empower Pakistan network this year. 

Built on top of the world's largest digital incubation platform, we have process, tools, mentors, experts, investors, innovators, and other stakeholders coming together for a single common goal of Empowering our younger generation to develop innovative technology startups for tomorrow's economy.  Started from Minnesota, USA, IdeaGist is used by entrepreneurs from all UN-recognized countries and territories.


IdeaGist Founder, Hassan Syed, is an overseas Pakistani and came up with the vision and worked with the Prime Minister's office to develop a comprehensive plan to build an innovation ecosystem. IdeaGist has pledged to the Prime Minister's office one million training licenses, 600 digital startup incubators, and 1,000 online community licenses, estimated value at over PKR 15 billion, over the next four years. Hassan Syed has also pledged unlimited use of the IdeaGist Platform for the benefit of Pakistan without any license fee.